8 Ways to Remain Confident When You Have Acne

8 Ways to Remain Confident When You Have Acne | These tips are awesome!

8 Ways to Remain Confident When You Have Acne


#1 – Have Friends Who Are Positive

There’s nothing in this world like great friends and family who always have your back no matter how you look. Do you have a friend who makes a remark about your skin here and there and makes you feel self-conscious? Be upfront and honest, and tell them you don’t appreciate it. If you continue to find yourself unhappy in your circle of friends, then make sure to seek out better friends. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. The power of positivity, especially in dealing with acne, is essential.


#2 – Keep a Journal

I know that sounds a bit juvenile, but it works! The WORST thing you can do here is internalize your insecurities and pains. Write out your feelings on a paper, or type them out on a Word doc. I guarantee you’ll feel that much better. Every day, write out a few different things that made you happy. Can’t think of anything specific? Then enumerate the many things you are grateful for in life. Things like: “I’m grateful for my amazing boyfriend/husband, I’m grateful to be healthy, I’m grateful to live in such a great city, etc.” This will really help you adopt the right state of mind: “Hey, my life isn’t as bad as I think it is!”


#3 – Have a Natural Treatment Plan

It’s important for you to realize that using prescription creams or medication for your acne will oftentimes make your skin worse in the long-run. There are lots of ingredients that have potentially dangerous side effects. I could rant all day about this subject, but we’ll leave it at that. What you need is a good set of guidelines to follow in order to create a lifestyle change that will get rid of your acne permanently. The problem with acne sufferers is they focus on quick symptom relief instead of eliminating the root cause.

Shameless plug: I created an acne removal system called the Acne Buster lifestyle program for this exact reason. I helped myself, and now I want to help others get rid of their acne, too. If you’re serious about making that happen (and you seem to be because you ARE reading this blog post), then you should definitely join us. Oh, and it’s only a dollar for the first 30 days! *wink face*


#4 – Avoid Picking/Scratching Your Breakouts

The WORST thing you can do to your skin and your self-esteem is to pick at it when breakouts take over. I get it, it can be really tempting, but you have to resist. Easier said than done. However, picking at your pimples will only lead to further inflammation which will irritate an already sensitive area. Do yourself a favour and keep your hands (bacteria) off your face!

#5 – Be Patient

Most skin care companies try to sell you on overnight acne creams, try to show you photoshopped before and after pictures and use fake celebrity endorsements to sell their products. I mean come on, do they think we’re that stupid? The journey to going from bumpy to glowing skin is not an overnight occurrence, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a satisfying journey. It’s important to stay patient. My quick advice is to take progress pics. Celebrate small victories. This will motivate you to keep going on your healthy lifestyle changes, and it will help you focus on the positive aspects (your improvements) rather than your perceived slow progress.

Nobody goes from being obese to being a bodybuilder overnight, and skin care is the same way. Expect small, subtle improvements every day, and gradually you’ll see that your hard work, discipline and patience paid off!


#6 – Join a Support Group

When I was suffering from acne, one of the best things that helped boost my confidence was finding people online who were struggling with acne as well. Sharing stories and advice with others on a similar journey to clear skin made me feel part of a community. Having a support system significantly increased my chances of success.

And it’s for this exact reason that I decided to create a Facebook group inside my Acne Buster program.


#7 – Find Hobbies That Make You Happy

Taking your mind off your skin troubles is great way to improve your self-esteem. Go to the movies with friends. Sign up for that yoga class you’ve always wanted to join. Walk your dog. Listen to your favorite music while finishing a puzzle. Hobbies are essential because they’ll provide distractions while enhancing your happiness and well-being.

#8 – Stay Social

I know this is hard, because you’re self-conscious about your most recent acne flare-up. But just try it! Put yourself out there. Whether it’s the bar, the local gym or even just social media itself. Successfully doing so opens the door to trusting relationships, supportive friends, and people who don’t even notice your acne.


To Your Radiant Acne-Free Skin,


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