10 Toxic Ingredients Found In Your Skin Care Products

10 Toxic Ingredients Found in Your Skin Care Products | Some of these you may have heard of before...

According to the actions of the FDA, it seems that they form a pattern of consistently failing us on regulating the products that we use.

Our food supply, without a doubt, is the biggest concern with tons of GMO products circulating the world.

The next thing?

Our skin care products.

Yep – they’ve dropped the ball here as well.

There are so many chemicals in the skin care products that we use today, that we can’t even keep count.

It kinda makes you wonder exactly why they overlook such a tremendous amount of chemicals?

Do these chemicals really work for clearing up our acne, or is there a much more sinister approach that they take? Maybe to get our hard-earned dollars?

Who knows, but what I do know is that you should be avoiding these 10 toxic ingredients that are found in your skin care products…


10 Toxic Ingredients Found In Your Skin Care Products


#1 – Synthetic colors

Let’s first take a look at the actual origin of synthetic colors.

Many of them actually come from petroleum, tar and coal sources.

That’s a strikeout – NONE of the above sources are good ingredients to be putting on your skin.

Major side effects can be caused from these as they are known to be human carcinogens and skin irritants.

Now, if you’re a skin care company selling a skin care product to remove acne, why on earth would you add ingredients that may cause skin irritation?

Hmmm – Million dollar question?


#2 – Parabens

The main reason as to why skin care companies include parabens in their products is to prevent the growing of yeast, mold and fungus.

Simply put, preservatives.

Now, let’s stop there for a second.

Why on earth would you need to put preservatives in skin care products?

My only guess is that they clearly aren’t natural substances, which is what we SHOULD be putting on our skin!

Furthermore, parabens actually contain properties that allow them to mimic estrogen and of course increased estrogen is associated with a increased risk of breast cancer.

Yeah – That’s equivalent to a “low blow” for us women.


#3 – Sunscreen chemicals

Although sunscreening, in itself, is not bad for our skin.

But when combined with chemicals, we are more prone to reactions once exposed to the sun.

These particular chemicals are known to disrupt the endocrine systems of our bodies.

They’re also known for cellular damage and similar to the parabens, they are connected to an increased risk in cancer.

Two for two on the low blows.


#4 – Fragrance

Brace yourself because what I’m about to reveal about fragrances may scare you a bit.

The term “fragrance” was actually created by companies to cover up the ingredients of their “secret concoction” or “secret formula.”

I get it – every company has to put their own spin on their products.

But when you throw in a ton of chemicals in your products in efforts to get the edge – Not cool.

That being said, if your skin care products contain any “fragrances” there’s no telling what the heck you’re putting on your skin.


#5 – Formaldehyde

When I think of formaldehyde, I always think of that smelly substance that I came across in biology class when we dissected frogs for a class experiment.

Yep – It’s the same stuff.

Even though your skin care products may not 100% smell like formaldehyde – gee thanks “fragrance” – it still has a slew of chemicals within it.

The main use of formaldehyde is to prevent bacterial growth.

Because it is used as a preservative, this puts it in the same category as the parabens….with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Three for three!


#6 – Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is known for its alcohol content.

It may be known for a wonderful sanitizer that it is, but you will pay the price and get dry skin from its usage.

Dry skin, if not moisturized in a timely fashion, always turns into irritated skin.

From there, you can almost always expect some sort of rashes and breakouts.

I don’t know about you, but that’s NOT something that I would choose to put on my face!


#7 – Triclosan

This bad guy is also known to disrupt the endocrine system within our bodies and is known as a skin irritant.

The main reason companies use it is for its antibacterial properties, but does it really do a good job?

Nope. Tons of long-term health risks.

And unfortunately, it’s not only in our skin care products…

You may want to check any other soaps and deodorants that you may use for this ingredient as well.



#8 – Phthalates

And… four for four.

Phthalates – another known chemical for disrupting our endocrine system and a strong link to breast cancer.

It also speeds up the aging process in whoever it comes in contact with and contributes to many cases as far as male and female reproductive birth defects.

Clearly, this one is terrible for us.

Need I say more?


#9 – Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

The major problem with these guys are their ability to chemically bond to other chemicals to form what are called nitrosamines – Which are dangerous carcinogens.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 skin care products actually contain these chemicals so you’re gonna have a difficult time ducking these guys.

Not only are they skin irritants, but they also irritate the lungs and the eyes.

Apparently it’s possible for them to kill 3 birds with one stone.


#10 – Toluene

Similar to the synthetic colors, Toluene is also derived from petroleum, coal and tar sources – known skin irritants.

It is recommended that expecting mothers should avoid contact with this chemical, as it may cause developmental damages in the fetus.

Trust me, I have the same question…

How on earth could this one be overlooked with such damaging effects???

Hint: It’s all about the money.

That about sums it up!

Although these are the 10, most common chemicals that are known to be infused in our skin care products, this list only scratches the surface, unfortunately.

My tip to you is to don’t hold back when educating yourself on these topics.

Read – watch what you can on youtube, please do your research!

Like the life of your skin depends on it… because quite frankly, it kind of does!



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